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 Welcome to New Poseidon Games!

New Poseidon Games is just one of many websites and services that comprise Your Data Center™. My name is Al Thiel, the owner. I am best described as an Internet Pioneer. One of those select few that created this incredible world we now call the Internet! After years of work and starting a family of my own which includes two girls, I realized we all need some fun online. We need a safe place you and your children can enjoy. A place without all of the risks you take using the big gaming sites. This is it! Welcome to New Poseidon Games! A totally free kid-friendly game website! -- Enjoy!

For those of you that like reading..

Here are some interesting facts about the INTERNET.. and about me as well..

The INTERNET kicked-off about thirty years ago when the government wanted to unload an old network it no longer had use for. That network was called DARPA. After this transition it was known as Arpa-Net. Only Universities were allowed to access it at first. Much later came the new access providers (called ISPs). Something was happening, but no one was quite sure exactly what that was as of yet. All eyes were on this new and still unexplored technology.

Suddenly, and seemingly out of nowhere the early INTERNET was born! It was amazing! In the beginning the entire downstate New York region was served by just a few pioneers who had a vision of what would become the greatest thing that has ever existed to date. A world where everyone was connected together! Those early networks were LI.NET, PANIX and SPEC.NET. That, by the way, is where I started!

Among SPEC.NET's first customers were SPRINT (the phone company), GANNETT (the media company behind USA Today) and more. They even connected Cold Spring Harbor Labs.

The INTERNET began on 56k and T1(1.5mb) lines and the end-users like you were connected by dialups on modems at 2400 baud (slow-motion at best even with text). When 9600 and 56kbps modems came about it was considerably faster, but still nowhere near the speeds of today, and the speeds of tomorrow!

Then it happened all over again! A rebirth! A graphical interface to it all. PRODIGY introduced a graphical browser using an old Ham Radio imaging protocol called NAPLPS. Boom! Internet Explorer and Netscape were born next. From that moment on the INTERNET was no longer a text-based world!

Now most of us connect at blazing speeds of 20 Megabits per second and faster, so web pages, and even High Definition Video loads quickly. There is no more waiting on the Internet, the World Wide Web is really all over the world, and things are only going to get better!

I hope you enjoy this website and all it offers. It is a gift to all of the kids (including the big kids like me) of the Long Island New York area, as well as people all over the world!!     - Al Thiel


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